Our Story

How it all started...

As a 5th generation Texan, Dr. Robert Richarz has a deep heritage in this land. His ancestors were Texas Rangers, captains of military forts and ranchers that fought everyday hardships to help settle the area and make Texas a place where people could live safe and secure from the adversities of their times.
Today, Dr. Richarz and his wife Laura fight for the same freedoms as his ancestors in the spiritual realm. It is their dream to see people come to know the saving knowledge of Jesus and God’s amazing love for them.
Dr. Richarz strives to teach people the simple, everyday applications of the Word of God through humor and his personal life stories and encounters. He and his family are deeply rooted in Texas and committed to working with the people to see their lives change forever.
Dr. Richarz serves as president of Living Waters Outreach & The Water Hole™,  a Christian non-profit worldwide ministry in Utopia, Texas.

Expanding the vision...

From Casa Angelina orphanage, to Nakuru Kenya, The Water Hole is committed to helping those in need. To rescue orphans, and to help the widows, and show the love of Christ to those who are hurting. That is the heart of who we are. With an expanding radio program promoting the gospel in South Texas,  to monthly supporting pastor's in Mexico, our commitment is firm and we will continue to expand our vision. 

Where we are headed...

The Water Hole is committed to their continued support for Casa Angelina, a Guatemalan orphanage founded by Ivan and Kimberly Tait of What Matters Ministry and Missions. Teaming with this organization to help rescue orphans is one of the greatest programs that The Water Hole is involved in. This orphanage sets the bar high to raise up Guatemala's future leaders, giving them healthy nutritious meals, and providing complete psychological care and social rehabilitation with sharing with them the love of Jesus. Rescuing these children out of impossible situations and leading them to God's great love. The Water Hole continues to help the upkeep and needs of the orphanage each month, while offering hands on experience to travel there and help with the needs of the orphanage throughout the year.

The Nakuru Kenya Feeding Center founded by What Matters Ministry and Missions is an amazing outreach program that feeds hundreds of children daily that would go hungry without this facility.  This facility is located in the slum called Keptembwa, which is an area in great need. The Water Hole partners with WMM with monthly support to support this facility, to see that no child goes hungry.

Bethany Outreach Ministry is founded by Rev Angelica Carpenter in Alamo, Texas. The ministry currently has 30 churches and missions in Mexico, a church cell group in Columbia, and 3 churches in the United States. Their goal is to serve the poor, restore the broken, and redeem the lost. That Water Hole sends monthly support for the 20/20  Mission. For $20.20 a month you can help support a pastor in Mexico that is helping to spread the gospel and reach the lost.

Wynne Goss Ministries is an outreach in Wales, England. Wynne Goss's continued ministry for Jesus reaches many throughout his area, and touches the hearts of many as he travels through the world.

The Water Hole Radio Broadcast airs weekly on KCTA 1030 AM radio at 8:45am each weekday morning. Pastor Robert Richarz is daily spreading the gospel to South Texas, and letting God's love show through his teachings and ministry.

Be a part of our story...

Join us  as we gather to worship together Sunday 10:30am